Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meant To Last

fine tuning the process of alienation allows life to be neglected

nauseated by the choices that are left to be selected

addiction screams loudly but I am the only one who can hear it

conviction makes a mockery in the fact that I fear it

rotting in decay is the promise that you once made

in the twilight of finality I watch the glitter fade

I once believed

now deceived

I was able to stand

only to be damned

incoherent ramblings describe the calls

the ravenous feed on my soul as the curtain falls

a karmic remedy of the witches brew

a memory that forgets what I once knew

holding on to the razor that cuts the pills

your kiss is the pain that so beautifully kills

your words a nightmare left for my eternity

your love was the end, the final death of me

now in a shell with the ghosts of a past

a curse of corruption that was meant to last

Monday, May 17, 2010

truth in my hell

it’s in the darkness just beyond the trees

where the truth of my heart lives and breathes

broken, damned and sentenced to the living

fallen behind with no chance to be one of the giving

a dark knight who holds his head low amidst his failing

a song that's darker than black comes from the wailing

it’s lonely here and I’m just a step beyond reach

stuck with the knowledge that nothing is left to teach

fighting a fight that isn’t worth fighting for

an angel of light left heartache at my door

the only sight left to see is the shadows of the past

the only breath left to breathe is the last

karma came and left me in tears with the bill

I’m the joke of tomorrow and my lover’s last kill

she was the saving grace that I lost along the way

the last smile was when she left me that day

this epic journey of what wasn’t to come

a tail of sadness at what is left undone

to who can read beyond what is before you

find the truth in my hell as I bid all adieu