Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Until The End of Time

I breathe you
into a union of souls
that the test of time
will prove true.

at the end of a broken road,
desperate for death,
I found you.

You were
sifting through
the wreckage
when our eyes met.

A moment
of subtle kindness
that I will
never forget.

So many
pain is
all I have
ever known.

Two hearts yearning
for true love
were never shown.

Through the smoke
and confusion
our sight
became clearer.

The reflection
each other
was our
own mirror.

No promises
need be made,
no expectations
do we hold.

A beautiful story
of unconditional love
with forever
to unfold.

Near or far,
you are family
to me.

No matter what,
you always
will be.

The nearness
of you
feels like
I am in
heaven above.

Until the end of time,
I will
protect you and
you will
always have my love.