Monday, April 25, 2011

fRoM tHe InSidE oUt

God… we've never had a conversation,

like the one we're having tonight.

I've never been so scared to death

that I might not get it right.

I've always watched the bridges burn

and now I could use a friend.

Always searching

until I found everything sin.

I kept circling the cul-de-sac,

by the house of selfish pain,

and with every chance taken,

I'm always standing out in the rain.

I never saw the stage,

I defied the role I had to play.

Each heart was horribly slain

when no longer it could stay.

If there was light,

then it was only darkness I would be

Fought so hard to break the man in the mirror,

my only enemy.

Time after time,

I stood against the world for the shock value of it.

Anything that would hurt me

I would always love it.

Tonight everything's changing

as tears finally fall,

And as I speak my heart I’m in awe

from the truth of it all.

She needs me God, I cannot fail,

though that's what I always do.

How do I overcome while still paying

on Karmic debt that's owed to you?

If there is anything that can be done

or anything I could say,

please help me, for her little heart,

help me find way.

Help me find a way to love,

to change from the inside out.

In hopes that she never has to be

any part of what I'm about.

I have to know that there's something better in me

than this time I've spent.

Making a difference in her

is the only chance I have to repent.

Also, if there is a way,

please let my victims know...

how sorry I am

to have hurt each of them so.