Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Something I'm Not

He was closest
to my heart but
became the one I
most resented.

She displayed
no recognition of
truth when it
was presented.

I was werewolfing
out while the
joke was all on
me due to a
loss of free will.

I let down my
guard and love
crept up, moving
in on me
for the kill.

I'm trying to
showcase the truth
through lying
on the spot.

You toyed
with me, to
make me into
something I'm not.

I've let loose
on this present
moment to
destroy us all.

Succumbed to
lust on the
backside of
yesterday's fall.

Looking back in
time, the stage
was set for the
death of me
from the start.

Each moment
gave way to
a notion of
insanity that
tore it all apart.

Through the mirror
you are now
self-righteous and
innocent for
what you've done.

I'm just letting all
the bullshit be
the best of me,
as my life ends
behind my gun.