Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No One Won

Meter man came
handing down 
damnation in a
final draft through 
this dimension.

So close,
so warm
and embracing
were the needles
inside evils

Old man
killed his wife
for money
so he could rob
light from my princess,
my love.

Her bright
blue eyes
said goodbye
in the morning light
through an
uneasy shove.

Bled dry
and cauterised
as if now
it would even

The wicked
old glass
stared down
the hall
through mirrors
at the mad hatter.

The burn
causing tears
to form
in the eyes
of the ghost
I once claimed
to be.

Our production crew
cut back costs 
any chance
of sanity
I could see.

runs round
the rope
but I gave
it away
so I could just
go get the gun.

In this
of heartbreak
you will witness
my end
no one won.