Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trust in Me

Who knew two broken things could make a whole

In your eyes I find the true desires of my soul

I see you completely and the love you want to give

You see me completely and the life I want to live

I can't be silent much longer as this lust in me grows

Waiting patiently, our secret that no one else knows

The electric feel of something real runs through me like fire

The love I steal, to let you heal and embrace your hearts desire

Into the night our darkness takes flight to a future in a dream

Touching you makes the impossible become a reality so it does seem

Trust in me this once and you won't be left in the rain

Believe in my love so I can ease the heartache and pain

Your resolution to damnation was your future, all that you could see

Now love and happiness offered in my arms, holding you for eternity