Friday, March 19, 2010

The Aftermath

talented tongues have kept me waiting on truth that was stuffed in a biodegradable farce

so many of us wading in time, keeping a distance, now that love is preciously sparse

changed my order just to keep up with time remembering the night that we laid

I am just starting to feel my heart again after the years of devastation that I paid

broken by reality and how you couldn’t love us enough to give me a tomorrow

inundated by being misunderstood and hated by so many while grasping sorrow

an epic love of such proportion it took every piece of all the puzzles I had on the table

there is no fairytale ending, a love so great and a burning passion merely a fable

it makes me laugh, while watching the demons dance in nightmares I knew all along

condemned, damned and without you were the lyrics you would write to our song

sanity stolen by the eaters of the dead, yes the chosen few that speak on the walls

watching time rape the best of me as the sacred land within my heart falls

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