Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wearing Masks

You have all
damned yourselves eternally
the minute you took
part in the inhumane
torture of my soul.

Now the void will
eat you alive with
evil and none of you
will ever find a way
to become whole.

So nonchalantly you stood
in the line that
led to a sin that
has no way out

Like a whore in
heat you spread your
legs for the
demon's lust, free of doubt.

You hastily plagiarized
hypocrisy as if it
were something you invented
and to the
world, brand new.

The truth in karmic
debt you are to suffer
will be an unimaginable hell
that will never end
for each and every
one of you.

Your condemning laughter
and mocking jests told
me that you were
all wearing masks.

If not humanity
then to what
does one hold?
is the question
I am now poised to ask.