Sunday, March 6, 2016

unable to stand

i sit in the space near the very bottom of life wondering if you can hear me tonight

God almost everything is gone and I walk in darkness unable to see the light

i have come so far and tried so hard still I am watching my life fall apart

only you know the truth behind the mask and the beauty within my heart

friends and lovers turned away and spit in my face as if I were a monster too horrible to see

things I treasured, even my home are now being taken from me

no one to talk to, even worse only tears I have to say

how did it ever wind up that my demise would come so quickly and happen this way

i spent a lifetime against the wind with my fists held high into the air

it seems the moment I let them down is when they cast their blade upon me without a care

the ones i gave my love just laughed while gnawing on my bloody heart in the vampire's feast

if you can hear me God I need you before my life becomes any more worthless and I am deceased

at the end of a rope like a miner whos just had the bottom of the cavern cave in

like a repentant sinner who has been told there is no penance for a sinner like him

left in judgement past the drainhole and below the sewage of the dammned

i find myself bleeding, broken and i am no longer able to stand