Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Love You Kiddo

Improper but justified by eclectic madness strung out against the pain

Undecided, a facade well decorated, stripping me bare of anything sane

Seeping into tomorrow your path of damnation is a road I have traveled

Frightened inside loneliness, bleeding bows are starting to be unraveled

My gift of life that turned away from the only open heart that's now broken

Yearning to relate I knew you were reality and there was no one joking

The silence screams into my darkness, tossing hate and fear into a blend

Borrowed a stolen relic in the drive thru because I don't have one friend

Signs everywhere, but I allow my illiteracy to keep me walking the plank

Emptied the last bottle amidst the sea of delusion as my heart sank

Always closed, grasping the rhetoric but unsure what to do

Nightmares are my reality because she's a stranger now too

I love you kiddo, its all I can say because your all I can see

You're best thing in life and the only thing right in me

The truth distorted and disfigured as my love and intent they did impugn

Absence indefinite, a sign of the times that an ending should be along soon

Drifting in the seas along the divide you can always find my essence

Defying space and time I will always be near should you need my presence