Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eve of Destiny

On the eve of destiny,
i find myself smiling,

Uncertain of sanity
trying not to win.

By the road I was left to live
the life of a broken man.

You sat down next to me
and offered me your hand.

The words spoken so plain,
so simple,
they made me feel alive.

My wounds so deep,
you offered me
a reason to survive.

You bring me a peace
and excitement
I have never known.

Your heart is a place
that I yearn
to call my home.

I see you
I know you
your darkness is my kind.

Found me
you have
through out the space of time.

Hold back no more
let me give you
whatever is left of me to give.

In my kiss
feel the embrace of love,
the love I want you to live.