Monday, October 24, 2011

the only way

The broken dream facilitates forgiveness
and reaches beyond the rhetoric of time.
Coming to fruition
a distance hanging on the premise that you were mine.

Every moment dictated and handed down
of who not to be and what not to do.
Competition so fierce
that we are both blinded to what is really true.

Holding secrets...
grasping tightly
to a love turned bitter with regret
Fastening the seat belt,
leaving the last bet.

I took his face and his name
while being crucified under the existence of the past.
Contemplating suicide...
talking it over with the spirits a tiny stretch until the last.

You can't let it go,
to see differences and respect what is.
I can't hold on,
to see differences and respect what is.

A battering ram of destruction becoming inflamed
with resentment sets off the battle.
Calling out in the middle of the night
as the ancient makers of dreams round us up like cattle.

Just one small battle
that is part of an unending war
fought in the mirror.
Just one more pill man
and I swear
this picture will become clearer.

Caught up in the grips of a vice
that is more precious to you than we seem to be.
Stolen moments of pain
placed upon each other
from some old memory.

There is no room
to move
and the hangar is stuck into my side.
Defeated every morning,
I am stripped of all my pride.

Our future
was foretold
and everything has come to pass.
Breaking the cycle,
doing something different
is the only way we can last.

Tears roll down my cheeks
as I face the plain sight of it.
Hoping we can change
within ourselves
and not just quit.