Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dead Ending The Root

My immoral sanity
tried to remember
a way out
of truth.

Heinously fucking
through the depths of death
like a violent
narcisistic slueth.

In a facade
we trust, so that
they can temper
being a dick.

Colluding at
a boiling point
left me sweaty
and sick.

Masking her game
she tears open
the souls of
men that
lack strength.

Weeping and
whining the boys
gesture to be
a man that failed
them at length.

There must be
a way to avoid
a horrid fate
of castration
in sorrow.

I cringe inside
under the
melodious influx
of a demeaning

Finding a pocket
and dead ending
the root leaving
in isolation
my rage.

Deoderized and
buffered in a
new suit letting
love free me
from the cage.

I'll never be accepted
by the masses
and I'm sure I won't
follow along
with the herd.

Infinitely unbreakable
while eternally
standing defiant
against your
invasive and
hateful word.