Monday, January 23, 2017

It's Meant To Be

I didn't have
any recipe to make
this life taste
more bitter than hell.

Every time they
ask about the you
who was, I simply
say "all is well".

Taking steps are
a lot easier when
I'm higher than shit.

I keep trying to force
intercourse in hopes
that it'll get me
over it.

Trying to breathe
one moment and
breathing fire the
next is exhausting me.

All this time and
money on drugs and
sex has become unworthy
of what it's meant to be.

I will justify
your hateful and
hurtful actions as
something I
deserve to endure.

I'm holding on with
all I can but
without passion I
can't say if I'll
make it for sure.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Love without Hate

You set the
pace and I'll
follow along.

You play the
tune and I'll
sing the song.

I know there's a
way to love
without hate.

Just let go
of the past
because we
can't wait.

Tomorrow is tomorrow,
we will face it when
it's here.

Today, let me complete
you and remove
all your fear.

It's in this moment
where we can
be free.

I just need you
to go blind so
that you can see.

It's your imperfections
that make you
perfect, I know
it sounds strange.

I love you just
the way you
are and there's
nothing about you
I'd change.