Wednesday, March 13, 2019

One and Only Wish

The fog rolls
in over the treetops
in billows leaving
hardly any sight.

A log in the
fire made it warm
enough for us to
survive the night.

When I realized that I
had no true friends
I was already
injured and alone.

Desolate and broken
with no one to cry to
and no place to
call my home.

Everything taken
I don't live anymore
I wander
through space and time.

I never know when
the end is coming but
I'm never afraid of
what I might find.

I've been made a mockery
of for so long I even poke
at myself so I
can keep laughing.

I'm so misunderstood
that I'm always hated
and plotted on
during each passing.

As my Angel shivers
against the cold concrete
we try to find
a moments sleep.

I try to think of things
to be grateful for
to keep myself
from starting to weep.

I know that we have
made mistakes and it's
my karma that hasn't
finished being paid.

I know it's why I will
die in isolation and
somewhere in hell
my soul will be laid.

I have one and only
wish that I pray
would somehow,
some way come true.

For everyone to know the
truth and beauty
inside me and the love
I held for all of you.