Friday, November 13, 2015

Provoking a Man

During the last infomercial
our freedom was
intentionally sold out in
record time.

Disgust fumigates my
thoughts because it's your
place to call home,
not mine.

Those once cherished
moments in love
are now a horror show
in the power
point presentation.

Addiction married
to the only
thing handed down to
me without choice,
unescapable damnation.

Your smiles show evil
just at the corner
of your lips.

We defile one another
with the thrashing
of our hips.

Madness has become such
a dear friend who
dulls out the truth for a bit.

Sadness is the only
way it will end and I
know you never gave a shit.

Provoking a man to
become a demon that will
make you all bathed
in blood and
filled with death.

You've taken everything
from me just so
I could enjoy taking your
very last breath.

Let hell come
down now their is
nothing more
that I fear.

To my
Alexis and Angel,
I love you and by
your side I'll
always be near.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Wearing Masks

You have all
damned yourselves eternally
the minute you took
part in the inhumane
torture of my soul.

Now the void will
eat you alive with
evil and none of you
will ever find a way
to become whole.

So nonchalantly you stood
in the line that
led to a sin that
has no way out

Like a whore in
heat you spread your
legs for the
demon's lust, free of doubt.

You hastily plagiarized
hypocrisy as if it
were something you invented
and to the
world, brand new.

The truth in karmic
debt you are to suffer
will be an unimaginable hell
that will never end
for each and every
one of you.

Your condemning laughter
and mocking jests told
me that you were
all wearing masks.

If not humanity
then to what
does one hold?
is the question
I am now poised to ask.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Your Biggest Fan

You couldn't have
known the foundation
was faulty all along.

Everyone watched the
horror show that
you tried to change
into a love song.

Sifting through
the wreckage I
watched you staring
into the mirror
with blame.

Hearing you weep
I knew that freeing
your mind was the
only way to
stay sane

Over a decade
of abusive
aggressiveness you
endured shamelessly

Methodical and
unfaithful he
destroyed you

I know your heart
is broken
so between
the lines please
try to read.

I'm not trying
to be
anything other
than what
you need.

I see you
now as a beautiful
loving heart
yearning for what
you can't see.

Just know
that I love you
and through it all
your biggest fan
I'll always be

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dead Ending The Root

My immoral sanity
tried to remember
a way out
of truth.

Heinously fucking
through the depths of death
like a violent
narcisistic slueth.

In a facade
we trust, so that
they can temper
being a dick.

Colluding at
a boiling point
left me sweaty
and sick.

Masking her game
she tears open
the souls of
men that
lack strength.

Weeping and
whining the boys
gesture to be
a man that failed
them at length.

There must be
a way to avoid
a horrid fate
of castration
in sorrow.

I cringe inside
under the
melodious influx
of a demeaning

Finding a pocket
and dead ending
the root leaving
in isolation
my rage.

Deoderized and
buffered in a
new suit letting
love free me
from the cage.

I'll never be accepted
by the masses
and I'm sure I won't
follow along
with the herd.

Infinitely unbreakable
while eternally
standing defiant
against your
invasive and
hateful word.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Final Fall

In some warped sense of the word truth, it became anything but true.

In another twist of fate and time I was ignorant of what to do.
Another realm beyond the fallen is where the fairy tail died.
While killing, we heard them all as they cried.
I tried to be a friend but my coupon was expired.
I tried to be a son but in my first year I was fired.
Begging the heavens for some peace among destruction within me.
Believing in the way you made me feel was my own calamity.
Trying out different paths to find the right size.
knowing the only one that fits is of my own demise.
I have nothing left, no one to care, no one left to call.
Sadly, when I took a stand I also took my final fall.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Burn in the Fire

The imaginary
monsters caused
a traffic jam
just before dusk.

The air
was overworked
with energy that
was tempered
with a sweaty

The softness
in your curves
make me want
to fuck you
raw and rough.

The sound
of me inside
you over and
over, I couldn't
get enough.

Our pleasure
giving way
to pain makes
each erotic
moment surreal.

I reach places
inside you that
you didn't
know you
could feel.

Sweat, screams,
and a chaotic
bliss leaves an
aftermath of
shivers and shutters.

Wanting to grab
your hair and
fuck your
face, insane is
how my heart flutters.

A mixture of
heaven that
came from the
depths of hell
we concocted when
we came on
each other.

A prayer answered
when your darkness
crept inside me,
and we devoured
one another.

I needed to
be freed from
myself by the
precious whore
you are to me.

Your scars needed
refuge and safety
from the place
they used to be.

We want to
burn in the
fire ablaze in
each other
with no end.

Who knew
that in your
true friend you'd
find the right
lover and in the
right lover I'd
find a true

Monday, February 23, 2015

Your Own Backyard

Waiting for
the time
of my life
to end in a
suicidal bliss.

If these
Goddamn users
don't back off
the next
shot won't miss.

Someone played
a rat after
fucking off
the front
they were given.

Using children
to get out of
trouble for
the way
they're living.

I despise thieves
like you,
a Brazilian
pimp who fucks
a hypocrite
playing a skin
head whore.

You should
be tortured,
raped and
 left for dead
in the middle
of the floor.

You lie
about me
and say
I owe you,
motherfucker please,
we all know
the deal...

You've stolen
a hundred
times what
I could owe
your strung out
on black ass,
that's the real.

So keep your
lies to yourself
because the
heats coming
 even though
 you are
trying too hard.

You cant cover
up the truth,
especially when
you're on your
knees with a
 gun in your
mouth in your
own backyard.

Keep watching
 over your
 shoulder cause
 it's coming
but you won't
know when.

You're a snitch
and a thief
who spreads
disease and
 you're coming
to an end.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Curtain Call

Moments passed
away and
I ran through the
motions as if
I were possessed.

Awakening memories
of your pale
naked body
that I
once caressed.

What seemed
to be left
was stolen
right in
front of my face.

You slept
for an eternity
behind our
sacred place.

The hypocrites
of today
unknowingly seal
their own fate.

Looking down
but it's themselves
they truly hate.

We are chosen,
the broken and damned
that you keep
trying to
be rid of.

Try as you may,
we won't accept
defeat and live
in a world
without love.

the codes
sent out to
the masses in
a screen of
every size.

Still, we
know that in
the passing
of eternity you
offer up
your own demise.

So scheme
away and spend
your fortune
on nightmares
and maddening dreams.

Evil giving
way to hatred
induced from love
at the curtain call
or so it seems.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Without Salvation

by the fall from
grace that I took.

Slamming myself
inside, I
knew you were cumming
by the way you shook

Regarding my
own misery
I wore it
like a glove,

and what
it is to me
is the
opposition of
true love.

I suffer
madness in
screaming silence
without salvation.

in sadness
I still
don't understand
my damnation.

I look
to the sky
while wishing
someone cared
for the
two of us.

my actions
even though my
was unjust.

Those bitches
swarmed like
over me in
my pain.

Just waiting
to pick
apart anything
left that
was still sane.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Porno Scene

My stability
is founded by
indecisiveness to move
either way.

I wanted to care
when you struck
but no words were
left to say.

You've compounded
insult with injury
leaving my wounds
too deep to heal.

You hate
groupies made
horror and
fantasy all too
demeaning and real.

With humility
I apologized while
I stood before
you with my heart
totally open.

I remember
your wicked smile
as you reached
in and completely
destroyed what
was broken.

You walked
into the pathway
of a psychotic criminal
playing a hero.

Your toxicity
overflowed while
you reveled
in the idea of me a zero.

No one told
me you were coming
but I knew
your darkness was
my kind.

Still, we were
by mutiny leaving
only insanity
until the end
of time.

The righteous growth
spurt was
stunted as the inversion
of chaos prevailed.

Another lie
was tweeted and
virul as the
nail upon the
crucifix was nailed.

Upon this
quest to the
truth that lies
within the rainbows
I find beauty in death.

In purgatory
hall the leaders
of the anonymous meetings
were spun from
slamming meth.

Is there
another way
to an
ending that's
more like a
porno scene?

Is there
out there to even
care or
understand anything
I mean?