Saturday, August 11, 2018


I was a fool
acting haughty
pretending I
wasn't enslaved
to sexuality.

I knew my
demise as
I watched myself
succumb to
her sensuality.

Could someone
ease this
pain that life
has me in?

It used to be
a part of
it, but now it's
labeled my sin.

There is no
exemption because
I have

and I can't
find redemption,
Lord knows
I've tried.

In the air
was a sadness
when I took
my last fall.

I'm still a
slave to her
skilled madness
through it all.

Denied as a
false pretense
I was subjugated
under your
own admission.

In the last
moments you all
whispered to
evil it's
final fruition.

1 comment:

  1. Took a day off to see myself from a different perspective i walk down my dark corrordors of horrors and i find myself lost in this pain pain of knowing we all fall to the sins of our past at some point as i try not to repeat the sins of my lineage I find a passage way and escape to my insanities only to find my psychosis is a reflection of my own insucurities a drop of salty water falls from my eye as I realize the truth of my compulsive lies I am a fool to run from my own creation so I stop and turn to face my memories recording my life watching it run by like a old movie black and shades of grey I am whirled to a stage alone spotlight beaming and it seems I am needing to perform my life's story for others just to watch me freeze in horror I cry and fall to my knees and realize I can not be what the world wants me to be silence befalls my ears silhouettes watching me in tears overwhelmed by my fears I am approached by a figure reached out and held out their hand to show me it is okay and I grasp that hand raised up by a kind gesture standing tall and firm with a powerful head locking gazes I turn to the figure showing thanks I bow and start to walk off stage only to have the scene turn to a cave drops of water echo the walls and a black figure walks up to me right when I turn to face it light surrounds me an illumination of a man ripples in a pool of water my image alien to me but the eyes tell the whole story of a painful experience that seems to have me reach out and I call within myself to become what I so desperately needed something beautiful...