Sunday, November 14, 2010

alone against the wall

topless rhetoric spun across the stage to a beat that evoked the pain of truth in me

faultless toxicity runs through my open wounds for everyone to see

abominated and abound by the chosen jest that was so easily handed down again in that instant replay

lost in the mix I wonder exactly what it is that I'm suppose to say

everybody wants a fuckin' piece of the emotional pie, uncaring if I'm left with none

it seems it's all come down to gestures of love in vane, leaving the game without one

bellowed out a miserable rhapsody as the choir joined in to place a bet on the term harmonized

blood flows freely from the veins that should have been removed or cauterized

the romantic tragedy packs a powerful punch just past the punch line

addiction maddened by such insidious lies to the final crime

alone against the wall

this bullshit was my call

tonight I'll cry into the darkness and see past every part of this

my strength is made perfect in my own defiant weakness

so journey back from where you came and fly away

nothing left to prove, your lies are all that's left to say

the soft kiss

it is time to say goodbye, it is time for the end

no more happiness found now that I am free of sin

it's a lonely walk down an empty street, I can't seem to care

when I reach out my hand, no one is there

left to embellish the past with taunts of returning to the start

making war out of love became my perfected art

only bridges burned just beyond the insanity of yesterday

a voice shouting out that has nothing left to say

so much damage, so many battlefields with hearts left broken

so easily scoffed at the madness in the words I have spoken

the keys won't work on the door, my soul is out of business

my pain is so great that my damnation is listless

only a few more steps to a journey of finality

the soft kiss of death is all that's left for me

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

soliloquies in solitude

we cross the t's and dot the i's

but in seductive darkness we realize

there's something unsaid, something unforgiven

something dead amidst what we now live in

taking it's toll while bringing out the worst

soliloquies in solitude to which we are cursed

embracing the anthem of a foreign march to the tide

stumbled down into frigid waters as in you I died

a burden too heavy and a weight too strong

nightmares made political by such a meaningless song

fallen to the truest catalyst for a martyr's blame

empowered through poverty stripping me to no shame

gone, oh long gone yesterday, the twilight of an ember

the pacesetter for a tomorrow is what I try to remember

Touch my Hand Little Princess

Hold tight to the truth and speak upon the wind

So that I may awaken from the depths of hell I live in

Touch my hand little princess, give me the gift of your presence

So long I slept, spun along the skies by your essence

The keeper of life shows me a sign of heaven in your eyes

Every sacred moment you offer up to me a new surprise

Yesterday lost to madness I could not see beyond the night

But you were here with me, though I was blinded to sight

My beloved, my little lady who whispers a dream come true

Innocence cherished in the light I see in you

At an arms length I stay only to keep you safe from the horror show

You're the reason for any goodness that may be left for me to know

I love you baby girl, just learn one thing if you can from a broken man like me

that I'm the perfect example of who you don't want to be

fear relapse

there is a chill in the air

love left lonely somewhere

tonight the curtain calls

fear relapse as a tear falls

burdened insanity by repetitious results

nailed upon the cross by your insults

caressing pain of such a waste

try to swallow without the taste

staring at the darkness within

where the ending has to begin

loosened breath is where we die

can't face truth in another lie

perfected pain such a mystery

strengthens to write a new history

always another bend in the road

out there another heart turns cold

that is searching to finally see

the beautiful darkness in me

Saturday, July 24, 2010

playing with the shadows

paper glass shredded the elasticity of a dream for something more

yesterday's memory left a package at the back door

my true love, you made me out to be nothing but a joke

putting me on hold, in the darkness, after each time we spoke

the beast is broken by the mystery of the night

facilitation of anger against nothing left to fight

and to the hypocrite who calls my angel your number one

keep your let downs because you treat her as if she were none

an embarrassment to nothing because that’s all I ever was

they say playing with the shadows is all he ever does

what you gave me is what I have left to hold on to

distance with no end is all love put me through

an inadequate and emotionally impoverished soul

the pieces that never really fit into a whole

walking into the wind with nothing left to show

holding back the tears in the process of letting go

Sunday, July 4, 2010

In Her Passing

A woman of strength who held us all together through the years

A woman who faced the challenges and stood up against her fears

So gentle, and so kind, she embodied so much I wished I could be

One light of God that will always shine down on you and me

Her loving touch, her patient ways, something we all could learn

She gave us so much love and never asked for anything in return

A gift from heaven manifested here on this earth for a short while

It was amazing to hear her laugh and to watch her smile

In the best of times and the worst of times she was always there

And even in our darkest hour she comforted our despair

To her, we could do no wrong and she always tried so hard to make a fit

And even when our hope was lost her smile was there in spite of it

She was the wind beneath so many wings

And in our hearts her song forever sings

In her passing nothing will ever be the same

But she would want us to smile every time we hear her name

07/01/10 –For Hazel Moody
By: Your Grandson (Billy Wilder)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The only part of Me

crawling in between the damned and the divine

sorrow left to weep at the grave of time

impugned with nothing less than hypocracy

eviscerated everything that was meant to be

a stolen moment without so much as a care

a hidden secret causing memories a scare

it was once written now a lingering lie

among the fallen wishing to be high

a common symptom to a problem that is in the mirror

with each day of distance it can't get any clearer

within my own thoughts there must be a compromise

within my own heart It's me I really despise

spoken upon the lips of whispering winds

in destitution there is only sins

there is no mystery, there is nothing to see

there is nothing here, it's the only part of me

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meant To Last

fine tuning the process of alienation allows life to be neglected

nauseated by the choices that are left to be selected

addiction screams loudly but I am the only one who can hear it

conviction makes a mockery in the fact that I fear it

rotting in decay is the promise that you once made

in the twilight of finality I watch the glitter fade

I once believed

now deceived

I was able to stand

only to be damned

incoherent ramblings describe the calls

the ravenous feed on my soul as the curtain falls

a karmic remedy of the witches brew

a memory that forgets what I once knew

holding on to the razor that cuts the pills

your kiss is the pain that so beautifully kills

your words a nightmare left for my eternity

your love was the end, the final death of me

now in a shell with the ghosts of a past

a curse of corruption that was meant to last

Monday, May 17, 2010

truth in my hell

it’s in the darkness just beyond the trees

where the truth of my heart lives and breathes

broken, damned and sentenced to the living

fallen behind with no chance to be one of the giving

a dark knight who holds his head low amidst his failing

a song that's darker than black comes from the wailing

it’s lonely here and I’m just a step beyond reach

stuck with the knowledge that nothing is left to teach

fighting a fight that isn’t worth fighting for

an angel of light left heartache at my door

the only sight left to see is the shadows of the past

the only breath left to breathe is the last

karma came and left me in tears with the bill

I’m the joke of tomorrow and my lover’s last kill

she was the saving grace that I lost along the way

the last smile was when she left me that day

this epic journey of what wasn’t to come

a tail of sadness at what is left undone

to who can read beyond what is before you

find the truth in my hell as I bid all adieu

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beyond My Lips

Up came an epiphany of grandeur in the soliloquy of my demise

Short lived after the past of bad blood presented its compromise

It spoke so sweetly while bearing the bad news

Like the sting of pleasure from the alcoholic sipping the booze

The demons in my head once arrested during a traffic stop

But now loose and on the run back to the top

Blood boils cold with my head to some doomsday prophecy

Alone inside finding comfort there’s nothing left of me

No song to sing

No pain to bring

No yesterday

No come what may

Fallen short of glory, left to the penance of the plain

Gone the extra mile to reach a face with no name

Eluding is the chance to avoid the cataclysm riding in on the storm

Embracing the darkness left in the broken promise of its truest form

It’s the plundering of loneliness during the madness of this eclipse

Though I speak into the silence, not a word is heard beyond my lips

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Aftermath

talented tongues have kept me waiting on truth that was stuffed in a biodegradable farce

so many of us wading in time, keeping a distance, now that love is preciously sparse

changed my order just to keep up with time remembering the night that we laid

I am just starting to feel my heart again after the years of devastation that I paid

broken by reality and how you couldn’t love us enough to give me a tomorrow

inundated by being misunderstood and hated by so many while grasping sorrow

an epic love of such proportion it took every piece of all the puzzles I had on the table

there is no fairytale ending, a love so great and a burning passion merely a fable

it makes me laugh, while watching the demons dance in nightmares I knew all along

condemned, damned and without you were the lyrics you would write to our song

sanity stolen by the eaters of the dead, yes the chosen few that speak on the walls

watching time rape the best of me as the sacred land within my heart falls