Tuesday, August 17, 2010

soliloquies in solitude

we cross the t's and dot the i's

but in seductive darkness we realize

there's something unsaid, something unforgiven

something dead amidst what we now live in

taking it's toll while bringing out the worst

soliloquies in solitude to which we are cursed

embracing the anthem of a foreign march to the tide

stumbled down into frigid waters as in you I died

a burden too heavy and a weight too strong

nightmares made political by such a meaningless song

fallen to the truest catalyst for a martyr's blame

empowered through poverty stripping me to no shame

gone, oh long gone yesterday, the twilight of an ember

the pacesetter for a tomorrow is what I try to remember

Touch my Hand Little Princess

Hold tight to the truth and speak upon the wind

So that I may awaken from the depths of hell I live in

Touch my hand little princess, give me the gift of your presence

So long I slept, spun along the skies by your essence

The keeper of life shows me a sign of heaven in your eyes

Every sacred moment you offer up to me a new surprise

Yesterday lost to madness I could not see beyond the night

But you were here with me, though I was blinded to sight

My beloved, my little lady who whispers a dream come true

Innocence cherished in the light I see in you

At an arms length I stay only to keep you safe from the horror show

You're the reason for any goodness that may be left for me to know

I love you baby girl, just learn one thing if you can from a broken man like me

that I'm the perfect example of who you don't want to be

fear relapse

there is a chill in the air

love left lonely somewhere

tonight the curtain calls

fear relapse as a tear falls

burdened insanity by repetitious results

nailed upon the cross by your insults

caressing pain of such a waste

try to swallow without the taste

staring at the darkness within

where the ending has to begin

loosened breath is where we die

can't face truth in another lie

perfected pain such a mystery

strengthens to write a new history

always another bend in the road

out there another heart turns cold

that is searching to finally see

the beautiful darkness in me