Thursday, July 21, 2011

can't find the words

In a sea of darkness giving no signs of life. Using a method of madness rejection cuts like a knife. Fallen prey to lies hidden at arms length. Falling in love only gives away my strength. I knew who I was but the mirror is now broken. I knew you loved me until the words were spoken. I believed in something before my life faded away. Can't stand, can't speak, but there is so much more to say. A love come lately too damaged to be complete. Pain, so overwhelming it's hard to be discreet. Broken memories down broken roads with broken lives scattered. A belief in who I am once complete now left shattered. A beautiful lie that I made things right. Grasping hope while darkness devours my light. The remedy, a taste of your lips, locked in our room and, the feel of your hips, cuming together soon. Close to falling apart not sure I can see it through. Can't find the words to say that right now I need you.