Friday, November 13, 2015

Provoking a Man

During the last infomercial
our freedom was
intentionally sold out in
record time.

Disgust fumigates my
thoughts because it's your
place to call home,
not mine.

Those once cherished
moments in love
are now a horror show
in the power
point presentation.

Addiction married
to the only
thing handed down to
me without choice,
unescapable damnation.

Your smiles show evil
just at the corner
of your lips.

We defile one another
with the thrashing
of our hips.

Madness has become such
a dear friend who
dulls out the truth for a bit.

Sadness is the only
way it will end and I
know you never gave a shit.

Provoking a man to
become a demon that will
make you all bathed
in blood and
filled with death.

You've taken everything
from me just so
I could enjoy taking your
very last breath.

Let hell come
down now their is
nothing more
that I fear.

To my
Alexis and Angel,
I love you and by
your side I'll
always be near.