Friday, January 11, 2013

all that's left for me

it is time to say goodbye,
it is time for the end

no more happiness found
now that I am free of sin

it's a lonely walk down
an empty street,
I can't seem to care

and when I reach
out my hand,
no one is there

left to embellish
the past with taunts
of returning to the start

and making war
out of love
became my perfected art

only bridges burned
just beyond
the insanity of yesterday

a voice
shouting out
that has nothing left to say

so much damage,
so many battlefields
with hearts left broken

so easily scoffed at
the madness in the words
I have spoken

the keys won't work
on the door,
my soul is out of business

my pain
is so great that my
damnation is listless

only a few
more steps to
a journey of finality

the soft kiss
of death is all
that's left for me


the race began and was called off
while I was still
barreling down the track

all that was taken
while demons were raping my soul
I can no longer get back

gestures mimicked in shadows
showing the distaste of embarrassment
amongst their righteous indignation

the darkness drawing in
the truth within me that
there is no chance of salvation

cauterizing the open wound
with numbness
I only seemed to make matters worse

an unspoken abomination
finding no pity and no shame
but still trying to unwind the curse

hoping that
this legend of misery
teaches a lesson
and those who hear it listen well

bringing life into this world
without nurturing
is nothing
but a nightmare in a living hell

or could it be
that I was just born no good

somewhere, something,
must be misunderstood

within the suffering
amongst the darkness
the silence was the loudest sound

in the last few days of time
life became unbearable and
there was no one to be found

in the last few thoughts of my mind
I saw life
without me for a while

in the last few moments of life
I let go of the pain
and began to smile