Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Arms of Orion

In the darkness of
the night sky there’s
a piece of my heart
I left just for you.

In that same place
is a piece of your heart
you left there
for me too.

Frozen in time
beyond all dimensions
of what is or isn’t,
what will or won’t be.

From Father to Daughter
& Daughter to Father,
our love bound

The arms of Orion
is our place
no matter what’s shaking
or where we are.

Our hearts
hanging in the sky
to let us know that
we’ve never gone too far.

Yearning for someone
who understands
beyond words
to sit with a while.

To know it’s alright
in only a gesture
or the kindness
of their smile.

A secret moment
we share that no one
can ever take away
or steal.

A conversation
that we can always
say whatever we want
or feel.

Through it all,
bad and good
you are my daughter, my love,
so beautiful to see.

In our place
you can always
find my heart looking for you,
the best part of me.