Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Where it Shouldn't

Such an angry bitter
person that being a bitch isn't
a facade like you make
it out to be, it's
actually the real you.

Your love and flattery
prove themselves not
to be so in all
the little things you do.

What is it that
makes you want to be on a
collision course to
heartache while playing
both sides?

Is it you or your old
bitch of a has been
secret that always
works it so that he
stays in shadows
and hides?

Is this five minutes
of fame worth it,
did you score the
most dope you'd
ever seen?

Or is true
love touching you
where it shouldn't making
you have to fight
yourself not
to come clean

Just how you have wanted
it all with me then you
have to reveal it all
to me to come out on top.

This farce of a romance
they created to add
more drama reached inside
your heart and for
us will never stop.

You must be certain
that the truth between
us would make this love
between us no
longer exist.

Search your heart and soul,
Tara, because the truth
that would destroy us
is the same truth
now that allows
our love eternally