Thursday, December 5, 2013

Trust in Me

Who knew two broken things could make a whole

In your eyes I find the true desires of my soul

I see you completely and the love you want to give

You see me completely and the life I want to live

I can't be silent much longer as this lust in me grows

Waiting patiently, our secret that no one else knows

The electric feel of something real runs through me like fire

The love I steal, to let you heal and embrace your hearts desire

Into the night our darkness takes flight to a future in a dream

Touching you makes the impossible become a reality so it does seem

Trust in me this once and you won't be left in the rain

Believe in my love so I can ease the heartache and pain

Your resolution to damnation was your future, all that you could see

Now love and happiness offered in my arms, holding you for eternity

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Silent Screams (1st song)

Verse 1

Stolen hatred brings forth our demise

Wicked angels telling you the lies

 Madness bleeding through the stain

Echoed sadness brings us here again

Pre chorus 1

Can't you feel, feel my pain

I need to hear, to hear your voice again

The wound runs deep, poison in my vein

There is no sleep, higher than insane


Calling out with silent screams

Defying sanity from dreams

The spaces broken in the seams

Love's a lie so it seems

Verse 2

Evil lullabies play to the cry

Killing only to know reasons why

Broken by a bitter circumstance

Blood cold and black without a chance

Pre chorus 2

Can't you break, break this chain

I need you free, free to say my name

The old one knows, knowledge will remain

The day will weep, darkness now to reign


Calling out with silent screams

Defying sanity from dreams

The spaces broken in the seams

Love's a lie so it seems

Verse 3

All hope is lost, now no one will see

A beauty dead, a beast to roam free

Open hearts beating along the way

In the night, it's those I now slay

Pre chorus 1 & 2

Can't you feel, feel my pain

I need to hear, to hear your voice again

The wound runs deep, poison in my vein

There is no sleep, higher than insane

Can't you break, break this chain

I need you free, free to say my name

The old one knows, knowledge will remain

The day will weep, darkness now to reign


Calling out with silent screams

Defying sanity from dreams

The spaces broken in the seams

Love's a lie so it seems

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Fitting Jest

in ancient mysteries
of old,
the time draws near.

by hatred
of the untold,
I know no fear.

The sanctuary
upon lies
to the ground.

Love happens
in your eyes
is all that's found.

You spite me, 
teasing me
getting so close 
and staying
so far away.

Showing me
who you are
the truth
you couldn't say.

My demise
brought to
by a foolish dream
of loving you.

My goodbyes
the end
are all that's
left to do.

My love,
my hate,
my other half,
my friend.

Your rhetoric
a fitting jest
to mock
my suicidal end.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Until The End of Time

I breathe you
into a union of souls
that the test of time
will prove true.

at the end of a broken road,
desperate for death,
I found you.

You were
sifting through
the wreckage
when our eyes met.

A moment
of subtle kindness
that I will
never forget.

So many
pain is
all I have
ever known.

Two hearts yearning
for true love
were never shown.

Through the smoke
and confusion
our sight
became clearer.

The reflection
each other
was our
own mirror.

No promises
need be made,
no expectations
do we hold.

A beautiful story
of unconditional love
with forever
to unfold.

Near or far,
you are family
to me.

No matter what,
you always
will be.

The nearness
of you
feels like
I am in
heaven above.

Until the end of time,
I will
protect you and
you will
always have my love.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No One Won

Meter man came
handing down 
damnation in a
final draft through 
this dimension.

So close,
so warm
and embracing
were the needles
inside evils

Old man
killed his wife
for money
so he could rob
light from my princess,
my love.

Her bright
blue eyes
said goodbye
in the morning light
through an
uneasy shove.

Bled dry
and cauterised
as if now
it would even

The wicked
old glass
stared down
the hall
through mirrors
at the mad hatter.

The burn
causing tears
to form
in the eyes
of the ghost
I once claimed
to be.

Our production crew
cut back costs 
any chance
of sanity
I could see.

runs round
the rope
but I gave
it away
so I could just
go get the gun.

In this
of heartbreak
you will witness
my end
no one won.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Will I Fall Tomorrow?

My selfishness
makes it
to give.

My immaturity
makes it
to live.

makes me
my own martyr.

Earning a
none the smarter.

Normal life
make it
with such ease.

seem to be
such a tease.

Did I fall
or will
I fall tomorrow?

Death's embrace
takes away
pain and sorrow.

with agony
makes life

the choice
I would've

just for a moment.

and damned,
my finest atonement.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who You Despise

In darkness
you left me here
alone with my lies.

My sunshine,
my angel
now it's me
who you despise.

The ancient ones
wrote the voice
you chose
to hear.

My haunting
inundated me
with fear.

Your love
gave life
to go on.

gave way
to no song.

I cry
in your arms
in dreams.

It's true
that misery
is all I have
it seems.

I remember
your eyes
as they
my soul.

I know
your lies
to get
and be whole.

No fault
do I find
in the
passing of time.

No reasoning
was left
why you
would be mine.

A love
left broken
on the side
of the road.

True love
left stolen
to be told.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nor Did I Will it So

Awakened in cold sweat
at the sky.

I looked in the mirror
asking myself why.


Too cold to touch
too hot to handle 
is always the deal.

Lost in memory

in the present moment
I kill.


I thought
I had swagger
felt too stupid
to go with it.

I saw

the dagger
held open my arms
to end this shit.


It missed.

I'm pissed.

that scorches
the sky
sends me into sleep.

that comes
and I'm falling in too deep.


The magic
in her eyes
burned every waking thought
I once had.

Passing moments
break apart the living
I am mad.


If you only knew
the depth
of poison
that my soul drowns in.

Then you would 
go away too
leaving me
to die in my own sin.

My path,
not created
by my own hands
nor did I will it so.

selfish ones
birthed hatred 
unable to let it go.

My prison, 
my cage,
started in the womb.

My liberty,

my freedom,
only found in my tomb.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Final Lesson

I've said it before
so many times
in so many different ways.
You've seen it once more
in the rhetoric
of what the unjust plays.

I try to understand
truths of love but
your all just hypocrites
with an angle.

Grab that book again
preach from it
to tighten the noose
from which I strangle.

You enjoy my pain
by keeping me
bound to this place.
You have a knack
for such revelry
in your own distaste.

I want to go home
I was not meant to be.

I want to go home
your love is death to me.

You put the pieces
of your puzzle
together so well.
My pieces
fall apart
in my living hell.

My convalescence
with your hate
that I was born
will never coincide.
 Leave me be
to a final lesson
taught through 
my suicide.

Monday, April 1, 2013

we are not prisoners

you have known me many lifetimes and we have yet to become united

i kiss your lips in dreams only to wake to another day undecided

looking into your eyes is like looking into heaven above

from the minute I saw you, it was the first time I laid my eyes on love

you won't let me in but you won't shut me out and all I can do is stand still

you protect yourself so soundly and guard your heart with an unbreakable will

i can only smile and love you from a far because I would never change who you are

yet, I know that together we could become the union of souls that makes a shining star

touching you is a perfect balance that can make the world right more than we realize

i see your faces, they are all beautiful, even the ones you use for disguise

no matter what the future holds I knew that in one moment you had my heart

I will gladly wait a million lifetimes to hold you and give my first true love a start

soul-mates is what we are and you may not want to recognize it because you 
are afraid to see

but in the love of soul-mates we are not prisoners, our love is what sets us free

you are the most beautiful creature and in everything about you there is no blemish or flaw

so until that day comes or if it never does I'll still be waiting and watching you with wonder and awe

Friday, January 11, 2013

all that's left for me

it is time to say goodbye,
it is time for the end

no more happiness found
now that I am free of sin

it's a lonely walk down
an empty street,
I can't seem to care

and when I reach
out my hand,
no one is there

left to embellish
the past with taunts
of returning to the start

and making war
out of love
became my perfected art

only bridges burned
just beyond
the insanity of yesterday

a voice
shouting out
that has nothing left to say

so much damage,
so many battlefields
with hearts left broken

so easily scoffed at
the madness in the words
I have spoken

the keys won't work
on the door,
my soul is out of business

my pain
is so great that my
damnation is listless

only a few
more steps to
a journey of finality

the soft kiss
of death is all
that's left for me


the race began and was called off
while I was still
barreling down the track

all that was taken
while demons were raping my soul
I can no longer get back

gestures mimicked in shadows
showing the distaste of embarrassment
amongst their righteous indignation

the darkness drawing in
the truth within me that
there is no chance of salvation

cauterizing the open wound
with numbness
I only seemed to make matters worse

an unspoken abomination
finding no pity and no shame
but still trying to unwind the curse

hoping that
this legend of misery
teaches a lesson
and those who hear it listen well

bringing life into this world
without nurturing
is nothing
but a nightmare in a living hell

or could it be
that I was just born no good

somewhere, something,
must be misunderstood

within the suffering
amongst the darkness
the silence was the loudest sound

in the last few days of time
life became unbearable and
there was no one to be found

in the last few thoughts of my mind
I saw life
without me for a while

in the last few moments of life
I let go of the pain
and began to smile