Saturday, July 24, 2010

playing with the shadows

paper glass shredded the elasticity of a dream for something more

yesterday's memory left a package at the back door

my true love, you made me out to be nothing but a joke

putting me on hold, in the darkness, after each time we spoke

the beast is broken by the mystery of the night

facilitation of anger against nothing left to fight

and to the hypocrite who calls my angel your number one

keep your let downs because you treat her as if she were none

an embarrassment to nothing because that’s all I ever was

they say playing with the shadows is all he ever does

what you gave me is what I have left to hold on to

distance with no end is all love put me through

an inadequate and emotionally impoverished soul

the pieces that never really fit into a whole

walking into the wind with nothing left to show

holding back the tears in the process of letting go

Sunday, July 4, 2010

In Her Passing

A woman of strength who held us all together through the years

A woman who faced the challenges and stood up against her fears

So gentle, and so kind, she embodied so much I wished I could be

One light of God that will always shine down on you and me

Her loving touch, her patient ways, something we all could learn

She gave us so much love and never asked for anything in return

A gift from heaven manifested here on this earth for a short while

It was amazing to hear her laugh and to watch her smile

In the best of times and the worst of times she was always there

And even in our darkest hour she comforted our despair

To her, we could do no wrong and she always tried so hard to make a fit

And even when our hope was lost her smile was there in spite of it

She was the wind beneath so many wings

And in our hearts her song forever sings

In her passing nothing will ever be the same

But she would want us to smile every time we hear her name

07/01/10 –For Hazel Moody
By: Your Grandson (Billy Wilder)