Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Being a Mistake

Stolen passages were
tainted by the kiss asses
who just want something.

I saw the beauty
in Madness, a calamity
Jane too busy frontin'.

My color blindness makes
it impossible to see your
rainbowed mind due to
multiple personality disorder.

A tyranny sprang
forth while injustice
became deceivingly
the sequential order.

Sprinkle all your stares
at me as if I could
give a fuck if
you care or whether
you approve or not.

One more feather
on this camel's back will
make me a
mass murderer and you
being one of the
ones who was shot.

The main course
made me have an
appetite for speed.

It landed down
in the best place
for me to bleed.

Roughed up my mind so
that I could handle
more rejection from
a fine bitch
like you.

I was in a panic
because I'm worried that
me being a mistake
is what's left
to be true.

1 comment:

  1. one persons mistake is anothers perfection. you are perfect.