Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beyond My Lips

Up came an epiphany of grandeur in the soliloquy of my demise

Short lived after the past of bad blood presented its compromise

It spoke so sweetly while bearing the bad news

Like the sting of pleasure from the alcoholic sipping the booze

The demons in my head once arrested during a traffic stop

But now loose and on the run back to the top

Blood boils cold with my head to some doomsday prophecy

Alone inside finding comfort there’s nothing left of me

No song to sing

No pain to bring

No yesterday

No come what may

Fallen short of glory, left to the penance of the plain

Gone the extra mile to reach a face with no name

Eluding is the chance to avoid the cataclysm riding in on the storm

Embracing the darkness left in the broken promise of its truest form

It’s the plundering of loneliness during the madness of this eclipse

Though I speak into the silence, not a word is heard beyond my lips

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