Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Touch my Hand Little Princess

Hold tight to the truth and speak upon the wind

So that I may awaken from the depths of hell I live in

Touch my hand little princess, give me the gift of your presence

So long I slept, spun along the skies by your essence

The keeper of life shows me a sign of heaven in your eyes

Every sacred moment you offer up to me a new surprise

Yesterday lost to madness I could not see beyond the night

But you were here with me, though I was blinded to sight

My beloved, my little lady who whispers a dream come true

Innocence cherished in the light I see in you

At an arms length I stay only to keep you safe from the horror show

You're the reason for any goodness that may be left for me to know

I love you baby girl, just learn one thing if you can from a broken man like me

that I'm the perfect example of who you don't want to be

1 comment:

  1. i love you daddy so very much i love u more than any one in this universe