Sunday, November 14, 2010

the soft kiss

it is time to say goodbye, it is time for the end

no more happiness found now that I am free of sin

it's a lonely walk down an empty street, I can't seem to care

when I reach out my hand, no one is there

left to embellish the past with taunts of returning to the start

making war out of love became my perfected art

only bridges burned just beyond the insanity of yesterday

a voice shouting out that has nothing left to say

so much damage, so many battlefields with hearts left broken

so easily scoffed at the madness in the words I have spoken

the keys won't work on the door, my soul is out of business

my pain is so great that my damnation is listless

only a few more steps to a journey of finality

the soft kiss of death is all that's left for me

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