Friday, May 11, 2012

moments beyond life

memories came and went through osmosis it seems

permeated the darkness once again into the land of nightmares and dreams

curtains closing are calling on the line for a revisit to the past

i thought i had it all figured out, dammit man, i knew it wouldn’t last

the scattered mind of broken narcissism and belief in nothing more

wanting her mouth open and sucking while we are fucking on the floor

embossed in a fluid motion that has no definition and no meaning to it

i opened up while giving what was left of me and she just said screw it

looking for thrills and pills to reduce the pain

realizing in disgust that my bad decisions prove i’m insane

another day, another let down and rejection squared equals  this life of mine that should’ve been aborted

i once made sense of it all but the demons dance has left it twisted and distorted

i can’t fly, i can’t see, i can’t move, i can’t speak

i have no answers and no more do i seek

it’s like one big joke when the radiation of the sun hits my face making it all so clear

there is nothing left of me and the moments beyond life are near

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