Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Isn't a Path Left

In a moment beyond words, 
prior to the formation, 
an emotion
escaped my secret.

In a place beyond time, 
before the reclamation,
I told you
to just keep it.

from the collision
that splintered
my psyche
was lying around

in every direction
only deception
was to be found.

The truth of it
with her hatred
progresses my death,

No answer to be told,
no sales to be sold,
there isn't a path left

No future
set in stone
but my destiny is hell
amongst my brethren
who don't give a fuck.

maddening is the plea
of one who's never been
smiled upon with luck.

A broken soul
that can't grasp
or conceive
a concept
of any happiness.

To be loved
was the goal
that leaves me
chained and bound
to an eternal loneliness.

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