Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Burn in the Fire

The imaginary
monsters caused
a traffic jam
just before dusk.

The air
was overworked
with energy that
was tempered
with a sweaty

The softness
in your curves
make me want
to fuck you
raw and rough.

The sound
of me inside
you over and
over, I couldn't
get enough.

Our pleasure
giving way
to pain makes
each erotic
moment surreal.

I reach places
inside you that
you didn't
know you
could feel.

Sweat, screams,
and a chaotic
bliss leaves an
aftermath of
shivers and shutters.

Wanting to grab
your hair and
fuck your
face, insane is
how my heart flutters.

A mixture of
heaven that
came from the
depths of hell
we concocted when
we came on
each other.

A prayer answered
when your darkness
crept inside me,
and we devoured
one another.

I needed to
be freed from
myself by the
precious whore
you are to me.

Your scars needed
refuge and safety
from the place
they used to be.

We want to
burn in the
fire ablaze in
each other
with no end.

Who knew
that in your
true friend you'd
find the right
lover and in the
right lover I'd
find a true

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