Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I'm not special...

Priceless catatonic
episodes keep me
from saving face in
your presence.

Lifeless and
moronic geniuses seek
to see my demon
emerge with

I put on
lay-a-way salvation
because I'm not special
and nothing good
ever happens to me.

I changed my
order to damnation when
I realized purchase
power won't
set me free.

The guardians of the
rules raised our
threat level to
Defcon-4 so that the
extermination could begin.

Most dimensions
have no
condiments available
in hopes that
they would see
the jumpers again.

Mercy was sold
out at every
store we went to and
now hope
is sick with
a stomach flu.

I wanted to believe
but cried
when I began to
see down the path
to what
is true.

They knew gang stalking
won't be proved and
how to end me
without a fuss.

My heart, my Alexis Michelle,
they've taken your
Daddy's life away
from the both of us.

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