Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Last Detail

The broadcast
was formed
from the sinners
and demons coalescence.

It was easy
to see our loss
from the
images of senescence.

Madness charred
to a medium rare
due to our own
bruised conviction.

without a care
gargling the pain
caused by addiction.

Policed down
to the common place
for us who have
no where to go.

and gilded
for the pride
of the saints
who stole the show.

Broken dream alleyways
scattered all along
the puzzle
of this dimension.

The council
heading up insanity
strived in
their own contention.

Effortlessly they gawked
at a life
they never knew
they had.

Aimlessly they fucked
it off,even
though it
wasn't that bad.

Coming full circle
while the moon
gazed into
the summer air.

I wonder when
your true nature
will raise it's evil head
without a care.

You've cursed me
with what
you hide
behind the walls

Waiting for
the dictated
ending that
never even calls.

The etching fired
through misery and blame
give us
the last detail.

My passion
left alone
and in pain
is the home
that I call hell.

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