Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lost it all...

perpetuated by sins
of a beautiful one
who didn't want me

i need some
fast-acting remedy
for the voices
that taunt me

at the cliffhanger,
the insane clan
of scorned bitches
bled my love dry

you can see
the trail of tears
that blazed
a path to where
I will die

the venomous crew
you call home
crucify humanity
and tear apart
anything holy

the apocalyptic
is now spread
so that they can
kill you all slowly

cries due to
your habitual
lying kept me
in the devil's church
with homeys ganging

truth be told
it was a far cry
from the middle
of the road where
I was left hanging

the only chance
at salvation
bookkeeping skills
that I don't know yet

i walked
up to the
window of damnation
and lost it all
on my last bet

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