Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Porno Scene

My stability
is founded by
indecisiveness to move
either way.

I wanted to care
when you struck
but no words were
left to say.

You've compounded
insult with injury
leaving my wounds
too deep to heal.

You hate
groupies made
horror and
fantasy all too
demeaning and real.

With humility
I apologized while
I stood before
you with my heart
totally open.

I remember
your wicked smile
as you reached
in and completely
destroyed what
was broken.

You walked
into the pathway
of a psychotic criminal
playing a hero.

Your toxicity
overflowed while
you reveled
in the idea of me a zero.

No one told
me you were coming
but I knew
your darkness was
my kind.

Still, we were
by mutiny leaving
only insanity
until the end
of time.

The righteous growth
spurt was
stunted as the inversion
of chaos prevailed.

Another lie
was tweeted and
virul as the
nail upon the
crucifix was nailed.

Upon this
quest to the
truth that lies
within the rainbows
I find beauty in death.

In purgatory
hall the leaders
of the anonymous meetings
were spun from
slamming meth.

Is there
another way
to an
ending that's
more like a
porno scene?

Is there
out there to even
care or
understand anything
I mean?

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