Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fragments of Doubt

I fucked her
and left her
holding on to
the steering wheel

my wretched
defied the cages
built of
tyrannical steel

ambience blurred
by distorted resonance
inversing what
is right and wrong

the pied piper
led the masses
to the devils hole
with lies in his song

there used
to be a knowing
that the righteous
would one day prevail

but now the
pure are stripped
naked and gang
banged on the
floors of hell

cat calling
the demise
of one another
we find strength
in hiding away

reverence shattered
because you
sucked him til
bloody was all
he could say

a fine line
drawn then
erased only
to be drawn again
between my ghost

yet I may
have slit his
throat I must
say I was still
an excellent host

the garbage
of self exposure
is full
and needs
to be taken out

plus the innocence
of us
was shredded into
fragments of doubt

we keep trying
to look up
and believe
that hope should
stay alive
for tomorrow

but everyone
has that
eerie knowing
that the only
thing left
is sorrow

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