Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Your Biggest Fan

You couldn't have
known the foundation
was faulty all along.

Everyone watched the
horror show that
you tried to change
into a love song.

Sifting through
the wreckage I
watched you staring
into the mirror
with blame.

Hearing you weep
I knew that freeing
your mind was the
only way to
stay sane

Over a decade
of abusive
aggressiveness you
endured shamelessly

Methodical and
unfaithful he
destroyed you

I know your heart
is broken
so between
the lines please
try to read.

I'm not trying
to be
anything other
than what
you need.

I see you
now as a beautiful
loving heart
yearning for what
you can't see.

Just know
that I love you
and through it all
your biggest fan
I'll always be

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