Saturday, November 22, 2014

If She Existed

My heart broken,
unable to recover
from the evil
and hatred you
put me through.

The love of my life,
consumed by vengeance,
put a stake through
my heart with insults
that were true.

A moment
of softness,
or caring,
was absent during
your storm of rage
against my soul.

was in
your eyes
while I was crucified,
as if my damnation
was your life’s only goal.

Coming down
the turnpike,
the black parade
had my exit blocked.

On my knees,
begging for forgiveness,
it was salvation
the demons mocked.

An unspoken word,
trying to be
my own man
despite the voices
in my head.

The maze
so intricately woven
that they
had me convinced
I should be dead.

the essence
of hope
that the sky will open
and the sun will
come through.

My mental
time warp
stuck in tomorrow
where I kissed
the lips of love
greater than you.

A battle
for lost souls
raged on
leaving a scene
of horror as far
as the eye could see.

My madness
could be
thwarted and
love victorious,
if she existed, a love
that believed in me.

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