Thursday, December 4, 2014

First True Love

For the
first time
in my life,
things have never
been more clear.

I've been
using the
wrong method
for each failure
that drew you near.

I finally
what love is
and the only way
to do it is right.

It's the painful
irony of knowing
I'll never
get a chance
to hold you tight.

Such a
complex creature
love can be,
you'll never
see it coming,
but you'll know
when it's there.

Now that
I've found it
I must
let it go
because the truth
of it
isn't always fair.

While parting
from it,
there are
two treasures
I now know.

What love is
what to
look for
in the
future as I go.

1 comment:

  1. where are you going? true love never dies! iam not gone an neither are you! so with that. where are you? an why havent you called me? leave a message!!! if you want something make it yours!! do all you can to make it known! claim it, money doesnt buy love