Friday, March 18, 2011

catatonic episodes

did I speak clearly or were you just playing it off to rejection sister

you played top in an undertow below a fathom of rhetoric mister

the plague spread and the sex was wild but I didn't get any

the ideal was in the arena for combat and taken by many

in no uncertain terms was it to be coded to an embedded encryption

an unjust soldier of passionate dreams is my fitted description

time and again we've stood in the circle of each moment

we still don't understand even though someone's already shown it

it's a blue flame that sets the pieces of what was left on fire

just as the play was made you put it away to retire

incomplete is the unspoken union collaborated in the night

bred for game playing and unable to gain hold of truth in sight

visions of shattered dreams that dance in midnight clouds above

etched in fiberglass was the epitaph of one's long lost love

if you knew me well, then why do you slaughter my character so

if it was unspoken the whispering winds then this rain wouldn't blow

indescribable structures in the mind are built through financing

with a rush on the street to see what pain I'm romancing

a loner by circumstance who can't see when he's near a ledge

not playing the miserable card today I faced the mirror just over the edge

catatonic episodes after I ate of the fruit that was forbidden

and though I need someone's company I always keep it hidden

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