Saturday, March 19, 2011

FrAgMeNtEd HopE

came home to a place that you didn't dwell anymore

crossed over the past to reach what it was before

there's a moment when madness sings through the mask of freedom

it's devastating where that infinite truth is gonna lead em'

up the road and back again just to find something to do

still reveling in the old days when it wasn't through

it was life's alarm clock ringing that gave ambition a migraine

the fables that reached grandiosity now fallen prey to the insane

the bible belt, a little too tight, when you hung me with it

calmed down a just a bit when the nightmare lifted

just around the corner I see the ghosts again rounded up like cattle

there's the cowboy killer, the preacher man sitting lead in his saddle

turned against the cold wind to see what's left on easy street

strutting through the fire and clinging to the savage heat

there was destiny in the womb cutting my deal to lose

a king with a loveless court without one choice left to choose

only a fragmented hope left that exudes such litheness

a reason to travel on in the eyes of my adore, my princess

getting back in the drivers seat and clearing the cobwebs for the ride

her purpose offers sanity to a broken man that clings to a fools pride

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