Friday, March 18, 2011

gNaWiNg InsIdE

laying against reality, our fantasy turns into frustration

a calming calamity seals the fate of forbidden damnation

it calls under the voices trapped inside

no place is safe to run and hide

the imperious notion to live again will breathe it's last breath

the sad devotion forms a line awaiting a complacent death

in the night it burns deep and makes you cringe

headed for another relentless binge

a call made to the team set for an intervention

fallen into the arms of an eluded dissention

she knows not the secrets beyond our ancient time

if only this magick could make it all mine

grasping at straws, there is but only one left to pull

gnawing inside and the flesh leaves me full

the touch of her body left passion choking for more

embraced isolation makes me the undermined whore

held in captivated silence

is justified defiance

an echoed memory keeps me hovering on to you

the lust is all that I have left to go through

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