Saturday, March 19, 2011


hell hath come lately and I braced myself for the impact

saliva and juice from a channel crazed witness kept the lies intact

before each dimension is the underlying seam with no meaning

staggering injustice stood against a backdrop that was leaning

a measuring cup of fury made the anonymous infirmary nervous and shaken

the announcement delayed while in quotations I am again forsaken

an unborn epiphany caused a line to form around the rabbit hole

cauterized by the tourniquet but still blood pours from my soul

the ladies night idolized and fantasized to a point that settling seems unlikely

sharpened the edge of Karma as you spit in my face just to spite me

each glass raised filled with toxicity that dilutes truth to another form

a reckoning that mimics lightning crashing in the eye of the storm

open and wounded as the prayers and best wishes were sent overnight

the battle you rage on but I stick to and keep love in sight

the gifted unbound sitting in the graveyard collecting bones

a crew that chastised each other banding together and casting stones

the circumcision left incomplete for a spot between the injunction

calming under siege the post partum penance leaves an inability to function

a mêlée where the malice was used and held high as if a trophy of war

a broken conscience that still, when reaching for help, seems a little sore

chanting the irrefutable in a duplicated pattern through the centuries

staging and caging drew a battle line but I see only mirrors as enemies

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