Friday, April 12, 2013

A Final Lesson

I've said it before
so many times
in so many different ways.
You've seen it once more
in the rhetoric
of what the unjust plays.

I try to understand
truths of love but
your all just hypocrites
with an angle.

Grab that book again
preach from it
to tighten the noose
from which I strangle.

You enjoy my pain
by keeping me
bound to this place.
You have a knack
for such revelry
in your own distaste.

I want to go home
I was not meant to be.

I want to go home
your love is death to me.

You put the pieces
of your puzzle
together so well.
My pieces
fall apart
in my living hell.

My convalescence
with your hate
that I was born
will never coincide.
 Leave me be
to a final lesson
taught through 
my suicide.

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