Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who You Despise

In darkness
you left me here
alone with my lies.

My sunshine,
my angel
now it's me
who you despise.

The ancient ones
wrote the voice
you chose
to hear.

My haunting
inundated me
with fear.

Your love
gave life
to go on.

gave way
to no song.

I cry
in your arms
in dreams.

It's true
that misery
is all I have
it seems.

I remember
your eyes
as they
my soul.

I know
your lies
to get
and be whole.

No fault
do I find
in the
passing of time.

No reasoning
was left
why you
would be mine.

A love
left broken
on the side
of the road.

True love
left stolen
to be told.

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