Monday, April 1, 2013

we are not prisoners

you have known me many lifetimes and we have yet to become united

i kiss your lips in dreams only to wake to another day undecided

looking into your eyes is like looking into heaven above

from the minute I saw you, it was the first time I laid my eyes on love

you won't let me in but you won't shut me out and all I can do is stand still

you protect yourself so soundly and guard your heart with an unbreakable will

i can only smile and love you from a far because I would never change who you are

yet, I know that together we could become the union of souls that makes a shining star

touching you is a perfect balance that can make the world right more than we realize

i see your faces, they are all beautiful, even the ones you use for disguise

no matter what the future holds I knew that in one moment you had my heart

I will gladly wait a million lifetimes to hold you and give my first true love a start

soul-mates is what we are and you may not want to recognize it because you 
are afraid to see

but in the love of soul-mates we are not prisoners, our love is what sets us free

you are the most beautiful creature and in everything about you there is no blemish or flaw

so until that day comes or if it never does I'll still be waiting and watching you with wonder and awe

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