Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Cruel Joke

I'm standing at a profound
moment of change that
speaks of betrayal
and sadness.

I've pushed it to my
breaking point while
becoming immersed in
total madness.

I drew upon the hope
that people could
be righteous
and kind.

Watching that demonic
face fuels the anger
that's causing me to
lose my mind.

How you could love me
was such a cruel joke
to play since you knew
it wasn't true.

Still, I gave you my
trust and you kept on
beating it until it was
black and blue.

My nerves are no
longer able to
register on the
touch test.

Reaching for a niche
that sells so I
can actually do
my best.

Finality won't ever
bring a true
resolution but
at least it
will be done.

I keep on passing
that point of
no return and
it's evident
that evil has won.

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