Thursday, June 15, 2017

Too Difficult to Face

How bittersweet
it was losing
you as a friend.

How bittersweet
it was that our
love had to end.

Our addictions
were horrible but
something we had
to go through.

For our transgressions
we prayed for
forgiveness, it's
what we had to do.

I can't believe
you called me
family but used
me like a slave.

After a long time
coming it was you
that couldn't seem
to try and behave.

We have already
pieced us back
together, over
and over we tried.

It's too difficult
to face that everything
between us has
finally died.

To save my
sanity, I know
what it is I
have to do.

I'm facing
my fears and
finally saying
goodbye to you.

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